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What is Dropshipping?

How Does Dropshipping Actually Work?

What are the Advantages of Working with Dropship Companies?

What will I get in your Dropshippers Directory?


What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a process of selling Products without having to stock any overhead. You would sell the merchandise at a cost you would determine. After the customer pays you for the item, you would pay the supplier their price and send them your customer's details. They dropship the product out to the customer, and the difference between your price and the suppliers price is your profit, all to keep!


How Does Dropshipping Actually Work?

Let's say you purchase an item from a drop shipping site for $20.00. You would sell that item for a price determined by you, let's use $35.00 plus $4.50 shipping for an example. After you collect the payment of $39.50 from the customer and their mailing address, you would forward the $20.00 plus $4.50 shipping to the supplier, and keep the $15.00 as profit, never having to touch the Product, as the supplier ships it out to the customer.

This type of arrangement is extremely beneficial to both yourself, and the supplier. The supplier does not have to open a storefront, or hire sales people to sell their products, as that is the role of the dropshipper.

You, as the dropshipper, have a way to earn some spare money, having no start-up costs, no overhead, no packaging costs or headaches, and can create an extremely useful relationship with the supplier.

The diagram below explains in further details how dropshipping works.

Canadian Drop Shipping Explaind by This Drop Ship Diagram


What are the Advantages of Working with Dropship Companies?

Working with dropship companies gives you all these advantages:

The dropship company researches for products and provides you with their lists/catalogues of available items at trade prices - You can sell any of these items by any method you wish

The dropship company acts on your order - Only when you sell and get paid do you ask the company to fulfil your order

The company packages your orders - You never have to package an item again

The dropship company sends your orders out direct to your customer - You as a dropshipper never have to visit the Post Office again

The dropshipping company is transparent to your customer - As far as your customer is concerned his/her purchase has come direct from you

The dropshipping company holds all the stock - You never hold any stock

All you have to do is concentrate on sales and marketing - and banking your money!


What will I get in your Canadian Dropshippers Directory?

Unfortunately unlike USA there are not many suppliers in Canada who provide dropshpping services and as a result it is difficult to locate and list such suppliers. However our research team is always in constant search for such suppliers and have located several companies who are currently dropshipping within Canada. As we are always researching for more dropshippers we guarantee as and when we come across new leads they will be made available to you. On request by our members we have also listed several international and developed a separate US dropshippers directory who also ship to Canada and other regions of the world.

Finally the great thing about dropshipping is that you can even sell products in foreign countries from the comfort of your home as you are merely acting as the middleman and making your profits, hence you can have a business running in Canada whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home.


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